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Ibn Arabi’s creative imagination

Crossing borders to discover the meaning of being human

Jointly hosted by Language Acts and Worldmaking and the Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

28th October, 2021

Part 1 (1 hour)

  • Welcome, Introduction | David Torollo, Christina Boyle, Richard Twinch
  • Life & thought and its expression in contemporary art | Cecilia Twinch
  • The “Theophany of Perfection” read in English and Arabic | Cecilia Twinch and Wafa Al-Turk

Part 2 (1:11)

  • Introduction | David Torollo
  • The Meeting of the Two Seas – Ibn Arabi & Contemporary Literature | Rim Feriani
    Round Table
  • Introduction | Bharatwaj Iyer (Chair)
  • Artwork | Antonella Leoni
  • Poetry Nükhet Kardam
  • Poetry Reading  | David Torollo
  • Embodying the In-Between: Comparative Reflections on the walī and the Bodhisattva | Hina Khalid
  • Justice and Harmony in the Fusus Al-Hikam of Ibn al-Arabi | Imam Fode Drame
  • ‘Upholding the Balance’: Tilimsani’s (d. 1291) Commentary on the Divine Name al-Muqsit | Yousef Casewit
  • Panel discussion | Chaired by Oludamini Ogunnaike

Word & Letter, Book & Speech

Online talks — Spring 2021

Images of speakers in the event
  • The Three Great Books: Letters, Elements and Prime Matter in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Cosmogony | Dunja Rašić
  • A Noble Letter with Multiple Aspects – The letter wāw according to Ibn ‘Arabi, in poetry and prose | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Ibn ‘Arabi’s Alphabet of Prophets, Spirit and Form of the Fusus | Todd Lawson
  • Panel discussion | Chaired by David Horsnby
Speakers in Series 1 of Ibn Arabi and the Geometry of Reality: Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The Circle and the Compass | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The Blessing-Prayer of Effusion | Pablo Beneito
  • The Point of the Compass | Jane Carroll
  • Structures of ‘two-ness’: equivalence, complementarity and inversion | Jane Clark
  • The Encircled Alighting-places of the Quran | Eric Winkel
  • The Symbolism of the Two Arcs: some reflections | Paolo Urizzi
  • The Geometry of Causality and the Unfolding of Destiny | Samer Akkach
  • The Perplexing Geometry of Being | Gregory Vandamme
  • The Alif – the One, the Many and the Beautiful | Rim Feriani
  • The Dot and the Line: Akbarian views on time and the instant | Michele Petrone
  • Tasting, Drinking and Quenching Thirst: From Mystical Experience to Mystical Metaphysics | Alexander Knysh
  • The Structure of the Universe as a Network | Gracia López Anguita
  • The Ambiguities of Union: Exploring the Relationship between Perception and Reality | Cyrus Ali Zargar
  • A Fresh Look at Ibn Sabʿīn: The Circular Scale of Transcendence and Mediation | Carlos Berbil
  • Thus Spoke Adam: The Suryāniyya Language in Islamic Esotericism | Luca Patrizi

“Counsel My People”

UK Symposium, Oxford 2019

  • Qurrat al-‘Ayn: the Maiden of the Ka‘ba | Pablo Beneito
  • “One understands that a journey entails weariness and difficulty” – Circularity, Duality and Compassion in the Footstool | Eric Winkel
  • Ibn ‘Arabi Counsels His Own Soul: Guidance and Deception in the Ruh al-Quds | Jane Clark

Suffering, Love and the Alchemy of Happiness

USA Symposium, Open Center New York, 2019

  • Better Living Through Alchemy – Some Secrets of Spiritual Medicine | Angela Jaffray
  • Love and Happiness, Suffering and Bewilderment: One of Ibn al-Arabi’s Anti-systematic Treatments of the Human Condition | Oludamini Ogunnaike
  • Beyond Belief: Ibn ‘Arabi on the Perennial Challenges of Realization | James Morris

The Alchemy of Love

UK Symposium, Wolfson College, Oxford 2018

  • Introduction to “The Alchemy of Love” | Jane Clark
  • Ibn Arabi’s “Doves of the Arak Tree” and its Arabian, Quranic and Plotinian Antecedents | Stefan Sperl
  • Bewildered – A New Translation of Ibn Arabi’s Tarjuman Poems | Michael Sells
  • The Healer of Wounds: Interpreting Human Existence in the Light of Alchemy and Ascension | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • A Journey Through Wasl and Fasl: Women and Sexual Relations in Ibn Arabi’s Thought | Heba Youssry
  • Ibn Arabi’s Metaphysics of Love | Hany Ibrahim
  • Worshipping in Three Dimensions: Emigrating in God’s Vast Earth | Angela Jaffray
  • Abu Madyan’s Child, Per Singular Momenta and the Skull Suture: Understanding Ibn Arabi‘s Futuhat | Eric Winkel
  • Ibn al-Arabi on The Grammar of Gratitude and the Shirk of Shukr | Atif Khalil

Ibn Arabi and the Philosophers: Reason, Revelation and Inspiration

UK Ibn Arabi Society Symposium, SOAS, London 2017

  • Introduction | Stefan Sperl, Richard Twinch
  • Ibn al-Arabi and the Postmodern Philosophers: The Return to God After the Death of God | Husam al-Mallak
  • Some Aspects of ‘Supra-reason’ in Ibn Arabi’s Epistemology | Éric Geoffroy
  • Ibn Arabi on Free Will and Predestination: Between Philosophy and Mysticism | Maria De Cillis
  • Ibn al-Arabi’s Encounter with Ibn Rushd and the Merging of the Two Seas of Mysticism and Philosophy in Islam | Salman Bashier


An Atlas of Love

US Ibn Arabi Society Lecture Series, Sausalito, California, 2016

Ibn Arabi: Light & Knowledge

UK Symposium, Wolfson College, Oxford 2016

  • Introduction to “Light & Knowledge” | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The Structure of Divine Light and Human Knowledge | Ahmad Sukkar
  • Beyond the Opposites: Identities and How to Survive Them in Light of the Light of Oneness | Sara Sviri
  • Water, Light, Knowledge: Towards an Ecology of Imagination | Todd Lawson
  • Ibn Arabi and Reimagining Gender | Sa’diyya Shaikh
  • Animal World and Perfect Man: Ibn Arabi and the Metaphysics of Ecology | Pierre Lory
  • The Mark of Friendship and the Structure of Sanctity in the Teachings of Ibn Arabi | Todd Lawson
  • “And My Mercy Encompasses All”: Peace in Light of Akbarian Metaphysics of Compassion | Zahra’ Langhi
  • Inspiration and Discernment: Ibn Arabi’s Introduction to the Challenges of Spiritual Sensitivity and Judgment | James Winston Morris
  • Selected Readings from the Poetry of Ibn Arabi | Zahra’ Langhi, Todd Lawson
  • Ibn Arabi: The Doorway into an Intellectual Tradition | William C. Chittick
  • Akbarian Aphorisms for the 21st Century | Mohammed Rustom
  • If You See Ibn Arabi in Damascus… | Mahmud Erol Kilic
  • Refreshing Repose and a Reviving Scent | Cecilia Twinch
  • Intimate Echoes of Self: Gender & Sexuality in Ibn Arabi’s Cosmology | Sa’diyya Shaikh
  • Waking to the Embrace: Applying Ibn Arabi’s Teachings on Embodiment | Robert Darr

The Secrets of Voyaging

UK Society AGM, London 2015

  • The Secrets of Voyaging | Stephen Hirtenstein

Ibn Arabi and the Secrets of Journeying

Symposium of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society Latina, Murcia 2014

  • Circular Journey | Gracia López Anguita
  • Journeying from the Apparent to Absolute Existence – Ibn Sabin | Carlos Berbil Ceballos
  • Seeing the Unseen – On the Nature of the Cosmos | Heba Youssry
  • The Journey of the Heart | Pablo Beneito
  • Arriving at the Point of Departure | Cecilia Twinch
  • Bird from the Garden of Meanings: Soul and Speech in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Reading of Jesus | Cyrus Ali Zargar
  • Maryam: Pious Woman, Saint or Prophet? | Maria Dakake
  • Sanctity and the Song of Life | Mohammed Rustom
  • Jesus and Christic Sanctity in Ibn ‘Arabi and Early Islamic Spirituality | Zachary Markwith
  • Selected Readings from the poetry of Ibn ‘Arabi | Michael Sells & John Mercer
  • Life in Ibn ‘Arabi’s “Ringsetting of Prophecy in the Word of Jesus” | Michael Sells
  • The akbarian Jesus: the paradigm of a pilgrim in God | Jaume Flaquer
  • Reviving the dead: Ibn ‘Arabi as the Heir to Jesus | Stephen Hirtenstein

Mystical Beauty and Perception

UK Symposium, Oxford, 2013

  • “Your bewilderment will allow you to arrive at me” – Finding Beauty in the Midst of Conflict: Ibn ‘Arabi in Jerusalem Today | Yafiah Katherine Randall
  • Perception of Beauty and Ugliness According to Ruzbihan Baqli Shirazi | Kazuyo Murata
  • Gabriel’s descension to Prophets, particularly the Prophet Muhammad, in radiantly beautiful human forms rather than in its own Angelic grandeur | Omer Colakoglu
  • The Poetics of Shuhud: Experiencing and Expressing Human-Divine Beauty | Cyrus Ali Zargar
  • Narrative and Mystical Perception: the two prefaces to Ibn ‘Arabi’s Tarjuman al-ashwaq | Jane Clark

Being Fully Human

Ibn ’Arabi & Rumi Conference, Berkeley, California, 2013

  • Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi and Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi: A Hitherto Neglected Comparison | Olga Louchakova-Schwartz
  • “A Donkey’s Tail With Angel’s Wings”: Being Fully Human According to Rumi | Nargis Virani
  • Being Human According to the Quran | Todd Lawson
  • A Hindu Commentator on Ibn ‘Arabi | Carl Ernst
  • The Religion of Love Revisited | Wiliam Chittick
  • Philosophers and mystics on the semantics of Being: Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi’s correspondence with Nasir al-Din al-Tusi | Wahid Amin
  • On Aspiration and Poverty | Mohammed Rustom
  • Self Knowledge in the Practice of the Person-Centred Approach | Dot Clark
  • Poesis and Prayer in Ibn ‘Arabi | Samir Mahmoud
  • Spiritual Realization (al-tahqiq) through Daily Awakening | Eric Geoffroy
  • Living through the Spectacles of Tasavvuf | Cemalnur Sargut
  • Ibn ‘Arabi and the modern Mindfulness movement | Alison Yiangou
  • “As for your Lord’s blessings, recount them!”: Ibn ‘Arabi’s Storytelling and Spiritual Communication | James Morris
  • Trying to find the path of Ibn ‘Arabi in 21st Century London | Ann Coxon

Ibn Arabi and Rumi: Teachings for the Modern World

US Symposium, Columbia University, New York, 2011

  • Rumi’s Community: Celebrating the Eternal Rumi with Poetry and Music | Coleman Barks with David Darling
  • Panel discussion | Pablo Beneito, Fatemeh Keshavarz, Michael Sells, James Morris, Mahmud Kilic, Stephen Hirtenstein, Cecilia Twinch, Nargis Virani. Moderator Nikos Yiangou
  • Ibn ‘Arabi’s Vision of the Multiple Oneness of the Inner Human Kingdom | Pablo Beneito
  • Ibn ‘Arabi’s Lyric Mysticism and the Persian-Arabic Love Affair | Michael Sells
  • How Sweetly with a Kiss Is the Speech Interrupted: The Dynamism of Silence in Rumi’s Lyric Poetry | Fatemeh Keshavarz
  • “We Sucked Milk From Two Mothers’ – Ibn ‘Arabi and Rumi as Co-founders of Ottoman Sufi Thought | Mahmud Erol Kilic
  • Recitation of Rumi’s Poetry in Persian and English | Fatemeh Keshavarz
  • Becoming Real: Realization and Revelation in Rumi and Ibn ‘Arabi | James Morris
  • Recitation of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Poetry in Arabic and English | Ahmed Eissawi, Aaron Cass
  • Pre-conference interview with Majid Ali on WBAI Radio, Columbia University, 4–5 November, 2011 | Fatemeh Keshavarz
  • Pre-conference interviews with Aracely Brown on WBAI Radio, Columbia University, 4–5 November, 2011 | David Darling, Nikos Yiangou, Salman Ahmad
  • Pre-conference interviews with Aracely Brown on WBAI Radio
    Columbia University, 4–5 November, 2011 | Michael Sells, Nargis Virani

Boundless Human Potential

UK Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford, 2011

  • Consciousness, Imagination and Gratitude: The Inexhaustible Sources of the Self | Todd Lawson
  • On the Spiritual typologies in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Kitab al-Abadila | Pablo Beneito
  • Ibn ‘Arabi, Human Potential and the Postmodern Self | Nikos Yiangou
  • Ibn ‘Arabi on Himmah: the spiritual power of the strong-souled individual | Angela Jaffray, narrated by Cecilia Twinch

Response and Responsibility

USA Society Symposium, held with GTU, Berkeley, California, October 2010

  • Whose calling, whose response? Ibn ‘Arabi on Divine and Human Responsiveness | James Morris
  • Ibn -‘Arabi’s Joseph: Imagination as Holy Communion | Todd Lawson

The Spiritual and the Material

UK Society Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford, May 2010

  • “He governs the world through itself” – Ibn ‘Arabi on Spiritual Causation | Jane Clark
  • Spiritual and Material: Appearance is the Unsurpassed Protection | Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
  • Kierkegaard’s teaching on Absolute Dependence | George Pattison

Islam, Sufism and the Heart of Compassion

USA Society Symposium, presented by the Ibn Arabi Society and the Open Center, New York City, November 2009

  • Ibn ‘Arabi in Dialogue with the Confucian Tradition | Sachiko Murata
  • Ibn ‘Arabi’s view of the Cosmos | Mohamed Haj Yousef
  • The Mystic’s Ka‘ba; The Wisdom of the Heart According to Ibn ‘Arabi | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The Anthropology of Compassion in Ibn Arabi’s Futuhat | William Chittick
  • The Poetry of Ibn Arabi – Recitations from the Tarjuman al-Ashwaq | Michael Sells, Aaron Cass, Taoufiq Ben Amor
  • William Chittick | Interview 10/12/09 on the radio show “Science, Health and Healing” with host Majid Ali, MD (WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio) in anticipation of the Ibn Arabi conference in New York, November 6 2009
  • Mohamed Haj Yousef | Interview 10/13/09 on the radio show “Science, Health and Healing” with host Majid Ali, MD (WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio) in anticipation of the Ibn Arabi conference in New York, November 6 2009

The Wisdom of the Heart

UK Society Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford, May 2009

  • Opening the heart in the Futuhat | James Morris
  • The Cosmic Heart: the heart of the Perfect Human | Mohamed Haj Yousef
  • The spirituality of the heart in the Syriac tradition | Sebastian Brock
  • The Wisdom of the heart unveils the Heart of wisdom | Katia Holmes

Past and Future of Knowledge: the Time of Gnosis in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Writings

TURKKAD International Ibn Arabi Symposium, Istanbul, May 2008

  • Past and Future of Knowledge: the Time of Gnosis in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Writings | Pablo Beneito

Time and Non-Time

USA Society Symposium, Columbia University, New York, 2005

  • A‘yan thabita and Time | Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila

Various talks from UK and USA Symposiums posted up to 2009

  • Interreligous Dialogue: Islam and Christianity, Ibn ‘Arabi and Meister Eckhart | Ghasem Kakaie
  • “O Marvel!”: a Paradigm Shift towards Integration | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The “Instruments of Divine Mercy”: from the Path to the Real in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Meccan Illuminations | James Morris
  • “And He taught Adam all the Names”: the Foundation of the Spiritual Caliphate | Denis Gril
  • Ibn ‘Arabi and His School in Iran: Past and Present | Shahram Pazouki
  • Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd on Ibn ‘Arabi and Modernity | Carl Ernst
  • The Wisdom of Animals | William Chittick
  • From the One to the One-another. Mystical ethics in Ibn ‘Arabi and in the Sufi Tradition | Sara Sviri
  • Sadr al-din Qunawi and his relationship with Jalal al-din Rumi | Jane Clark
  • “And among them, may Allah be pleased, are Watermen” | Eric Winkel
  • A Comparative Approach to Ibn Arabi and Meister Eckhart | Ian Almond
  • The realms of responsibility in Ibn Arabi’s Futuhat | Alexander Knysh
  • Joined at the Crossroads: Ibn al-Farid and Ibn al-‘Arabi in the Islamic Mystical Tradition | Emil Homerin
  • The Globalisation of Consciousness | Peter Yiangou
  • “Watered with One Water”: Ibn ‘Arabi on the One and the Many | Angela Jaffray
  • Timelessness and Time | Jane Carroll
  • “Whoever loses himself finds Me and whoever finds Me, never loses Me again” | Suleyman Derin
  • Unified Vision, Unified World? | Niels Detert
  • Self-Knowledge and Self-Consciousness in Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism | Samer Akkach
  • Mediating Intimacy: Essential Ibn ‘Arabi for Education and Psychotherapy | Olga Louchakova
  • Temporal and Eternal Time in Ibn al-Arabi and Mulla Sadra | Ibrahim Kalin
  • Radical Vision and Universal Religion in Ibn al-‘Arabi | Salman Bashier
  • Crossing Borders: The Question of Human Belonging and Ibn ‘Arabi’s Theory of Perpetual Transformation | Elias Amidon
  • “As if you saw Him”; vision and best action (ihsân) in Ibn ‘Arabi’s thought | Jane Clark
  • Building an Akbarian Tradition for the New Millenium: Toward a New Theology of Difference | Vincent Cornell
  • By Way of Essential Meaning | Peter Coates
  • Naught but Love | Pablo Beneito
  • “Whoever knows himself…” in the Futuhat | James Morris
  • Spiritual Life, Living Spirit – Ibn ‘Arabi’s Meeting with Jesus and John | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • “You Are My Mirror” | Cecilia Twinch
  • The Levels of the Soul and the Levels of Time | Caner Dagli
  • The Young Woman at the Ka‘ba – Love and Infinity | Michael Sells