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Ibn Arabi and the Secrets of Journeying

Symposium of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society Latina, Murcia 2014

Circular Journey   19:35

Gracia López Anguita

Gracia López Anguita obtained her degree in Arabic Philosophy at the University of Cordoba. In 2005 she joined the Department of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Seville, where she is currently Assistant Professor. Among other publications, her book Ibn `Arabi y su época was published in 2018.



Articles by Gracia López Anguita

On the Inner Knowledge of Spirits Made of an Igneous Mixture: Chapter 9 of the Futuhat al-Makkiyya


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Circular Journey

Journeying from the Apparent to Absolute Existence – Ibn Sabin   21:03

Carlos Berbil Ceballos

Carlos Berbil Ceballos works as a translator and interpreter. He is Secretary of the cultural association Centro de Estudios Interculturales Al-Riquiti, based in Ricote, the birthplace of Ibn Sabin. His PhD at the University of Granada is focusing on the study and translation of several unpublished works attributed to Ibn Sabin.



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Journeying from the Apparent to Absolute Being – Ibn Sabin and His Predecessors

Seeing the Unseen – On the Nature of the Cosmos   20:34

Heba Youssry

Heba Youssry is currently the Director of Manor House International School in Egypt. She holds a double BA in the fields of Business Administration and Philosophy and a double MA in Arabic Literature and Philosophy, all of which were attained at the American University in Cairo. She formerly held the position of Country Director for an NGO called Seeds of Peace, where she worked on establishing communication links between teenagers in countries impacted by the Middle Eastern conflict. Also, she worked as a freelance literary critic for Egypt Independent, an English language newspaper.


Podcasts and Videos by Heba Youssry

A Journey Through Wasl and Fasl: Women and Sexual Relations in Ibn Arabi’s Thought

Seeing the Unseen – On the Nature of the Cosmos

The Journey of the Heart   27:54

Pablo Beneito

Pablo Beneito is currently Professor at the Department of Translation and Interpreting in the Faculty of Letters, University of Murcia, Spain.

He has been studying the works of Ibn Arabi since he chose to do his doctorate in Arabic philology at the Complutense University of Madrid, after which he spent nine years teaching at the University of Seville in the Department of Arab and Islamic Studies. He has also been a visiting professor at the Sorbonne in Paris (Ecole Pratique des Hauts Etudes), in Kyoto University (ASAFAS) and in Toledo (Escuela de Traductores). As a specialist in Sufi thought, he has given courses throughout the world, and helped organise more than 14 international conferences. He heads MIAS Latina [/], an independent organisation affiliated to the Ibn Arabi Society, for speakers of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

He has edited and translated (into Spanish) Ibn Arabi’s Mashahid al-asrar and Kashf al-ma’na. He is currently working on several of Ibn Arabi’s shorter treatises, including Kitab al-Abadilah.

Together with Stephen Hirtenstein he translated The Seven Days of the Heart - Ibn ʿArabi's Awrad al-usbu (Wird), and togther with Cecilia Twinch, Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries - Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyya.



Articles by Pablo Beneito

On the Divine Love of Beauty (PDF)

The Presence of Superlative Compassion

La Presencia De La Compasión Superlativa (Spanish)

The Servant of the Loving One – On the Adoption of the Character Traits of al-Wadud

The Time of Deeds and the Time of Spiritual Knowledge

The Prayer of Blessing [upon the Light of Muhammad] by Abd al-Aziz al-Mahdawi: Part 1, the Introduction; with Stephen Hirtenstein

The Prayer of Blessing [upon the Light of Muhammad] by Abd al-Aziz al-Mahdawi: Part 2, the Translation; with Stephen Hirtenstein


Podcasts and Videos by Pablo Beneito

Qurrat al-‘Ayn: the Maiden of the Ka‘ba

The Journey of the Heart

Ibn Arabi’s Vision of the Multiple Oneness of the Inner Human Kingdom

Past and Future of Knowledge: the Time of Gnosis in Ibn Arabi’s Writings

On the Spiritual Typologies in Ibn Arabi’s Kitab al-Abadilah

Naught but Love

Arriving at the Point of Departure   25:21

Cecilia Twinch

Cecilia Twinch first came across Ibn Arabi and Rumi when she was studying Modern and Medieval Languages (Spanish and French) at Cambridge University. Books donated by the Ibn Arabi and Rumi scholar R.A. Nicholson and his student A.J. Arberry, complete with handwritten annotations in the margins, were then on display on the open shelves in the University Library. At the same time, she also became involved with what became known as Beshara and benefited from the advice and wisdom of Bulent Rauf, who was the co-founder of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society.

She now lives in Oxford and is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society. Besides working as a teacher, translator and editor, she has written numerous articles and has lectured on Ibn Arabi and mysticism worldwide. She is particularly interested in bringing alive the universal relevance of Ibn Arabi’s ideas in the world today.

In addition to Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries, her publications include Know Yourself: An explanation of the oneness of being (translated from Arabic manuscripts attributed to Ibn Arabi and to Awhad al-din Balyani).


Articles by Cecilia Twinch

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi: The Beauty of Oneness Witnessed in the Emptiness of the Heart

The Circle of Inclusion

Created for Compassion: Ibn Arabi’s Work on Dhu-l-Nun the Egyptian


Podcasts and Videos by Cecilia Twinch

Arriving at the Point of Departure

Refreshing Repose and a Reviving Scent

You Are My Mirror