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Ibn Arabi: Light & Knowledge

UK Ibn Arabi Society Conference, Oxford 2016

Introduction to “Light & Knowledge”   23:19

Stephen Hirtenstein

Stephen Hirtenstein has been editor of the Journal of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society since its inception in 1982, and is a co-founder of Anqa Publishing [/].

He read History at King’s College, Cambridge, and then studied at the Beshara School of Intensive Esoteric Education in Gloucestershire and Scotland. After a teaching career, he began writing and giving talks on Ibn Arabi’s thought at conferences across the world.

In addition to lecturing and writing, he organises and leads tours "in the footsteps of Ibn Arabi".

He currently works as a Senior Editor for the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, and lives near Oxford.


Articles by Stephen Hirtenstein

The Image of Guidance – Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi as Hadith Commentator

Establishing Ibn Arabi’s Heritage: First Findings from the MIAS Archiving Project | with Jane Clark (PDF)

“I entrust to you a bequest” – Ibn Sawdakin | Translation

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi: The Treasure of Compassion

Selected Major Works of Ibn Arabi

Seleção das maiores obras de Ibn Arabi (Portuguese)

De Volta a Deus (Ibn Arabī 1182–1184) – Capítulo 5 de O Compassivo Ilimitado (Portuguese)

Some Preliminary Notes on al-Diwan al-kabir

The Brotherhood of Milk – Perspectives of Knowledge in the Adamic Clay

“O Marvel!” – A Paradigm Shift towards Integration

The Mystic’s Kaaba – The Cubic Wisdom of the Heart According to Ibn Arabi

Physical Sustenance in Sufi Literature: A Case-study of a Treatise by Abd Allah al-Busnawi | with Hülya Küçük

Malatyan Soil, Akbarian Fruit: From Ibn Arabi to Nyazi Misri

The Prayer of Blessing [upon the Light of Muhammad] by Abd al-Aziz al-Mahdawi | with Pablo Beneito| Part 1, the Introduction

The Prayer of Blessing [upon the Light of Muhammad] by Abd al-Aziz al-Mahdawi | with Pablo Beneito| Part 2, the Translation

Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi’s al-Nusus | with Hülya Küçük

Names and Titles of Ibn [al-]‘Arabi

Kitâb al-fâna' fi-l mushâhadah, by Ibn 'Arabi | with Layla Shamash

The Great Dīwān and its offspring: The collection and dispersion of Ibn 'Arabī's poetry | with Julian Cook

The library list of Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Qūnawī | with Julian Cook

Malik MS 4263: A Manuscript Case-study


Translations by Stephen Hirtenstein

Kitâb al-fâna’ fi-l mushâhadah by Ibn ‘Arabi


Podcasts and Videos by Stephen Hirtenstein

The Healer of Wounds: Interpreting Human Existence in the Light of Alchemy and Ascension

Reviving the Dead: Ibn Arabi as the Heir to Jesus

Introduction to the “Light & Knowledge” Conference

The Mystic’s Kaaba – The Wisdom of the Heart According to Ibn Arabi

“O Marvel!” – A Paradigm Shift towards Integration

Spiritual Life, Living Spirit – Ibn Arabi’s Meeting with Jesus and John

The Secrets of Voyaging

The Structure of Divine Light and Human Knowledge   53:53

Ahmad Sukkar

Ahmad Sukkar was an Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT 2019–20, an associate member of the UCL-led Relief Centre’s Global Associates International Network, and the leader of an online course funded by the EU and Germany and accredited by Lund University. He is a former fellow at the Orient-Institut Beirut, and visiting lecturer at the University of Cambridge, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the American University of Beirut, Imam Bukhari Visiting Research Fellow at the Universe of Oxford, and studio lecturer at the University of Damascus. He worked on award-winning projects in leading architectural offices in the Middle East and the UK, including Zaha Hadid Architects. He completed a Doctorate and a Master of Research degree at the London Consortium (the University of London and the Architectural Association) and a Master of Architecture degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association. His academic research and design work received several international awards.

https://mit.academia.edu/AhmadSukkar [/]


Podcasts and Videos by Ahmad Sukkar

The Structure of Divine Light and Human Knowledge

Beyond the Opposites: Identities and How to Survive Them in Light of the Light of Oneness   56:28

Sara Sviri

Sara Sviri is a Professor (Emerita) at the Department of Arabic and the Department of Comparative Religions at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Formerly, she taught at Tel Aviv University, at the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies University College London and at the University of Oxford and, for a short period, at Ben Gurion University. Her fields of study include Islamic mysticism, mystical philosophy, comparative aspects of early Islam, the formative period of Islamic mysticism, and the mystical wisdom of Ibn al-ʿArabī. She has published many academic articles on these topics, which can be viewed on www.academia.edu. Her book The Taste of Hidden Things: Images on the Sufi Path was published in 1997 in the USA. In 2008, her comprehensive Sufi Anthology was published (in Hebrew) by Tel-Aviv University Press. An Arabic version of the Anthology was later published by Manshurat al-Jamal in Beirut.


Podcasts and Videos by Sara Sviri

Beyond the Opposites: Identities and How to Survive Them in Light of the Light of Oneness

From the One to the One-another. Mystical ethics in Ibn Arabi and in the Sufi Tradition

Water, Light, Knowledge: Towards an Ecology of Imagination   56:52

Todd Lawson

Todd Lawson  is Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Dept. of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. He has published widely on Quran commentary (tafsir), the Quran as literature, Sufism, Shi’i Islam and the Babi and Bahai traditions. His book Jesus in Islamic thought, The Crucifixion and the Quran was published in 2009 (Oneworld), his Gnostic Apocalypse and Islam in 2011 (Routledge). This and other of his publications are listed at www.toddlawson.ca [/].


Podcasts and Videos by Todd Lawson

Water, Light, Knowledge: Towards an Ecology of Imagination

The Mark of Friendship and the Structure of Sanctity in the Teachings of Ibn Arabi

Selected Readings from the Poetry of Ibn Arabi

Being Human According to the Quran

Consciousness, Imagination and Gratitude: The Inexhaustible Sources of the Self

Ibn Arabi’s Joseph: Imagination as Holy Communion