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Young Writer Award 2023

An award of US$ 1,500 is offered for an unpublished essay concerning the teachings of Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi by an author under the age of 36.

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16 March 2024 | Online event

Monthly lectures for Arabic speakers

Dr. Hassan Semane from Morocco, will speak at 12 noon Morocco local time, on Saturday 16th March 2024.

The title of his lecture is, “The Law of Symmetry and the Theory of the Unity of Time According to Muhyi Al-Din Ibn Al-Arabi.”

Semane is a research professor and specialist in Sufi thought. A former professor of Hermeneutics and Textual and Linguistic Studies (Hermeneutics of the Mystical Text) at Abdelmalek Saadi University of Tetouan. Semane holds a Ph.D. in Literature, specializing in the history of religions and oriental civilizations, from Abdelmalek Saadi University in Tetouan. He is an associate member of the Laboratory of Hermeneutics and Textual and Linguistic Studies. Advisor member of the National Office of the Association of Professors of the Ministry of National Education (formerly).

Semane in addition to publishing among collections, has published a book entitled “Symmetry and the Sufi Discourse – a Theory of the Universal Cosmic Awareness of consciousness.” He has also published several academic papers &emspace; “Sufism and the Veil of Reason and Culture”, “Sufism between Historical and Innate Interpretations”, among others.

Semane’s lecture will discuss the primary structure of time, on which Ibn Al-Arabi based and established his theory of the “Unity of Time”; that is the standards by which Ibn Al-Arabi built his concept of the “Individual Time.” This has remained a significant mystery and a hidden secret, for more than eight centuries, withholding the basic structure of Ibn Al-Arabi’s theory of “Unity of Time” and veiling its existential relationship with his theory of “Sufi Unity.”

People who would like to attend the lecture can use this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83484657052?pwd=M3NSTFhINVl2c1k2ME1JVzRnd092QT09 [/]
Meeting ID: 834 8465 7052 | Passcode: 000000 | Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/kb23I9qIRQ [/]

For more details of the series of lectures, please see the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/arabicibnarabi

For further information please e-mail mias-as@nokshee.com.

31 December 2023

Young Writer Award 2023 – Prize of USD 1,500

The entries for the Young Writer competition for 2023 are now with the judges. An award of US$ 1,500 is offered for an unpublished essay concerning the teachings of Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi by an author under the age of 36. The winning essay will be selected by a panel of three judges: Dr Angela Jaffray; Dr Aydogan Kars; Dr Michael Sells.

  • The essay must be in English, and not more than 9000 words in length (excluding any notes, references, bibliography and summary).
  • It must be the original work of the person submitting it, and be unpublished at the time of entry,

We look forward to hearing about the decision of the judges.