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The following books are published by the Society and can be ordered using the UK publications order form.

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Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: Fusus al-hikam

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi

Fusus al-hikam

Ismail Hakki Bursevi’s translation of and commentary on the Fusus al-hikam by Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, rendered into English by Bulent Rauf with the help of R. Brass and H. Tollemache. This is the famous 17th century translation from the Arabic into Ottoman Turkish, along with extensive commentary.

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi considered the Fusus al-hikam, his last major opus, to be the most important of his more than 350 books. The theme is the inner meaning of the 27 prophets mentioned in the Quran from Adam to Mohammed: the infinite wisdom which is at once unique in itself and many-faceted in its representation. The Fusus is simultaneously an explanation of the most profound meaning of man’s existence and perfectibility and an esoteric exegesis of the Quran.

The commentator writes, “Oh special people, oh people of the Fusus, this is a private Mercy from God which is extended to you, which leads the people of purity to perfection.”

The four volumes are now in a second edition. Please note that the Fusus al-hikam is only available from the UK, so the UK publications order form must be used.

Volume 1: Introduction to the Fusus; chapters on Adam and Seth | Hardcover £ 40 + postage

Volume 2: Chapters on Noah, Idris (Enoch), Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael | Hardcover £ 40 + postage

Volume 3: Chapters on Jacob, Joseph, Hud, Salih, Jethro, Lot, Ezra and Jesus | Hardcover £ 40 + postage

Volume 4: Chapters on Solomon, David, Jonah, Job, John, Zachariah, Elijah, Loqman, Aaron, Moses, Khalid and Mohammed | Hardcover £ 40 + postage

Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: Wird

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi


Ibn Arabi’s daily morning and evening prayers for recitation in Arabic. Arabic text with phonetic transliteration.

Hardcover £ 12.75 + postage | Price to Members £ 11.00 + postage

Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: Hizbu-l Wiqayah

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi 

Hizbu-l Wiqayah

The Hizbu-l Wiqayah (or Dawr al-a‘la) is Ibn Arabi’s prayer for protection. In microfiche form, it is frequently carried as an amulet or displayed in a significant place. Arabic text with phonetic transliteration.

Hardcover £ 15.75 + postage | Price to Members £13.75 + postage

Microfiche of Arabic text £ 1.00 each + postage

The following books are published by the Society in collaboration with Anqa Publishing and can be ordered from Anqa Publishing [/].

Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: The Four Pillars of Spiritual Transformation

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi

The Four Pillars of Spiritual Transformation

Translation and Arabic edition by Stephen Hirtenstein.

This is the first English translation of Ibn Arabi’s Hilyat al-abdal, a short work which he wrote in the space of an hour during his Meccan period as something that would be “of assistance for those on the Path to true happiness”. Beginning with an anecdote concerning one of his Andalusian companions, Ibn Arabi proceeds to explain the exterior qualities of the spiritually transformed (abdal). He particularly focuses on the four essential prerequisites of spiritual discipline: silence, seclusion, hunger and vigilance, describing how these appear among both aspirants and the spiritually realised.

One of the most popular of his short works, the Hilyat al-abdal was much copied, and this book includes the first critical edition of the text based on the best manuscripts, including one written in Malatya during the author’s lifetime. In addition, it provides a substantial introduction on the abdal saints, and a translation of Chapter 53 from the Futuhat al-makkiyya, which deals with the same subject-matter.

Introduction, translation, and Arabic text. Paperback, 64 pages, Anqa Publishing in association with Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society. October 2008. ISBN: 978 19059370 4 2

Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi

A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection
Ibn Arabi’s al-Dawr al-a‘la or Hizb al-wiqaya

Translation, Arabic edition and comments by Suha Taji-Farouki.

“Whoever recites this prayer will be like the sun and the moon among the stars.”

This is the first study of a widely-used and much-loved prayer by Ibn Arabi, sometimes recited after the Awrad (“The Seven Days of the Heart”). The Dawr al-a‘la (“the most elevated cycle”), also known as the Hizb al-wiqaya (“the prayer of protection”), is a prayer of remarkable power and beauty. It consists of 33 verses, invoking protection through particular Divine Names and phrases from the Quran. It is said that whoever reads the prayer with sincerity of heart and utter conviction, while making a specific plea, will have their wish granted.

This precious book provides a definitive edition of the Arabic text based on a substantial number of the best manuscript copies, and a lucid translation. A transliteration is also provided for those unable to read Arabic. In addition, there is an illuminating analysis of the transmission, presentation and use of the prayer across the centuries. Of particular interest are the major figures in Islamic scholarship and mysticism who have been associated with it, and perceptions of its properties and uses.

Study, translation, transliteration and Arabic text. 160 pages, paperback, Anqa Publishing in association with Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society. September 2006. ISBN: 0 9534513 99

A German edition of this book was published 2019 by Chalice Verlag [/]

Book Cover: Ibn Arabi: The Universal Tree and the Four Birds

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi

The Universal Tree and the Four Birds – Treatise on Unification (al-Ittihad al-kawni)

Introduction, translation and commentary by Angela Jaffray, Arabic text edited by Denis Gril.

“I am in love with no other than myself, and my very separation is my union…”

The Universal Tree and the Four Birds is one of Ibn Arabi’s early works. A dazzling blend of poetry and rhymed prose, this short mystical treatise encompasses a number of themes that were of perennial concern to Ibn Arabi, in particular the question of union with the Divine.

Beginning with a series of poems that depict the existential fluctuation of the human heart, the narrator goes on to describe his meeting with his Essential Self in a ‘place’ outside space and time. He then finds himself in a garden with the Universal Tree, symbolising the Reality of Perfect Man, and four delightful birds: an Eagle, a Ringdove, a fabulous anqa (or gryphon), and a jet-black Crow. Each in turn regales the author with a tale of its origins and essential characteristics, but it is only in the end that their true natures are finally revealed.

The elegant translation is complemented by Angela Jaffray’s illuminating commentary on key elements in the text and extensive notes, and a foreword by Rafi Zabor. The Arabic text, critically edited from the best manuscripts by Denis Gril, is also included.

160 pages, paperback, Anqa Publishing in association with Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society. September 2006. ISBN: 0 9534513 99