MIAS education: courses calendar and bookings

The dates of our courses

Our education programme is planned to include 16 courses. Each 10-week course is part of a ‘journey’ (Ocean, Desert, Language or Heaven) and each course is assigned a ‘round’, depending on how many times that course has been run. To help you plan ahead we have announced forthcoming dates. If a course is full there is a waiting list on the Eventbrite system that we use – so we can invite those on this waiting list next time the course is run. You may choose to do the courses in any order – there is no set progression – and we hope that in time ‘voyagers’ will come back and complete all the journeys.

April 14 to May 5, 2023

14:00 to 17:00 London time

“I fled from myself to Him”
Ocean 4 (4 week intensive course)

For more details and to register, see the EventBrite page