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The Society’s Journal is published twice a year, and is sent free to all Members and Fellows. New members receive the journals for the year in which they join. From 2017, the Journal is available in both print and electronic formats (Pdf, Mobi/Kindle and ePub).

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List of All Volumes


Volume 68, 2020

128 pages | paperback £12.50 (Members £9.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £12.50 (Members £9.00)

  • A Hayati Poem by Ibn ʿArabī | translated by Denis McAuley
  • ‘As for your Lord’s blessings, recount them!’: Personal Stories and Spiritual Communication in Ibn ʿArabi’s Meccan Illuminations Part II | James Winston Morris
  • On the Union of Mysticism and Philosophy in the Writings of Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Qūnawī | Sam Jaffe
  • Spiritual Death as Reorientation and Revival: Comparative Reflections on Śūnyatā in Mahāyāna Buddhism and Fanāʾ in Sufism | Hina Khalid
  • The Sea and the Wave: A Preliminary Inquiry into Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī’s Criticism of Ibn al-ʿArabī’s Ontology | Mohammad Amin Mansouri
  • The Celestial ‘Polished Mirror’: The Mystical Dimension of the Moon according to Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabī | Esmé L.K. Partridge
  • Book Reviews: Les cinq piliers de l’islam (The Five Pillars of Islam), The Sufis’ and Ibn al-ʿArabī’s Attitudes Towards the Pillars of Islam


Volume 67, 2020

128 pages | paperback £12.50 (Members £9.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £12.50 (Members £9.00)

  • A Poem by Ibn ʿArabi | translated by Stephen Hirtenstein and Denis McAuley
  • Michel Chodkiewicz: A Legacy | Denis Gril
  • Preface to a new edition of Emir ʿAbd al-Qādir’s Mawāqif | Michel Chodkiewicz
  • In memory of Maurice Gloton | Michel Chodkiewicz
  • A Bibliography of Michel Chodkiewicz’s Writings | Claude Addas
  • Keith Critchlow: An Appreciation | Jane Carroll
  • The Abrahamic Heritage in Medieval Sufism. Part 2: The Station of Abraham | Francesco Chiabotti
  • Abū ʿAmr ʿUthmān al-Abharī: A Master of Ibn al-ʿArabī | Aydogan Kars
  • Malik MS 4263: A Manuscript Case Study Part 2: The Library List of Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Qūnawī | Stephen Hirtenstein and Julian Cook
  • Book Review The Openings Revealed in Makkah, Volume 1


Volume 66, 2019

104 pages | paperback £12.50 (Members £9.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £12.50 (Members £9.00)

  • A Poem by Ibn ꜤArabi | translated by Denis McCauley
  • Taḥrīr al-bayān: SaꜤid al-Din Farghānī on the Psychology of Dhikr | William C. Chittick
  • Al-Farghānī – an addendum | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The ‘Radiant Way’: Ibn ꜤArabī and the Interpretation of the Law Claude Addas
  • The Structure of The Openings Revealed in Makkah | Eric Winkel
  • The Revival of Sharia’s Allegories | Hamza Dudgeon
  • Book Reviews: l’Esprit de Sainteté dans le Conseil de l’Âme (The Spirit of Holiness in the Counselling of the Soul); The Alchemy of Human Happines; The First Islamic Classic in Chinese


Volume 65, 2019

104 pages | paperback £12.50 (Members £9.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £12.50 (Members £9.00)

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Denis McAuley
  • Ibn ‘Arabī ’s Kitāb al-Bā’: The Truth through which the Heavens and the Earths Were Created | Hülya Küçük and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The “Radiant Way”: Ibn ‘Arabī  and the Interpretation of the Law | Claude Addas
  • The Lyricality of the Soul: Jesus, the Word and Supplication According to Ibn al-‘Arabī | Cyrus Ali Zargar
  • The Abrahamic Heritage in Medieval Sufism: Part I: Futuwwa and khulla | Francesco Chiabotti
  • Book Reviews: Rethinking Ibn ‘Arabī


Volume 64, 2018

118 pages | paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £9.00 (Members £6.00)

  • A Longer 9-Stanza Version of Poem 1 of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Tarjumān al-ashwāq | Wayel Azmeh and Michael Sells
  • “As for your Lord’s blessings, recount them!” Personal Stories and Spiritual Communication in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Meccan Illuminations | James Winston Morris
  • The Dialect of Gratitude (shukr) in the Non-Dualism of Ibn al-‘Arabī | Atif Khalil
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī’s Encounter with Ibn Rushd and the Merging of the Two Seas of Mysticism and Philosophy in Islam | Salman Bashier
  • Ibn ‘Arabī and the Theory of a Flexible Sharī‘a | Samer Dajani
  • The Counter-current Movements of Andalusia and Ibn ‘Arabī. Should Ibn Ibn ‘Arabī be considered a āhirī? | Hamza A. Dudgeon
  • Book Reviews: Repentance and the Return to God; Tawba in Early Sufism; The Elements of Islamic Metaphysics


Volume 63, 2018

108 pages | paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £9.00 (Members £6.00)

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Denis McAuley
  • “Verily, We have Granted Thee a Resounding Victory” | Claude Addas
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī between al-Mahdawī and al-Niffarī | Salman Bashier
  • Ibn ‘Arabī’s Metaphysics of Love | Hany T.A. Ibrahim
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī  and Joseph Campbell: Akbarian Mythology and the Metaphysics of Contemporary Art | Ali Hussain
  • An Interview with Ekrem Demirli | Mohammed Rustom
  • Book Review: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Fuū al-ikam: New Editions and Considerations


Volume 62, 2017

122 pages | paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £9.00 (Members £6.00)

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Denis McAuley
  • The Station of Man in Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fuṣūṣ and Shankara’s Vedanta, Bharatwaj Iyer
  • Suhrawardī, Ibn ‘Arabī and the World of Image: One Term, Different Meanings | Cornelis van Lit
  • Sufis and Mu‘tazilites: Theological Engagements of Ibn ‘Arabī | Aydogan Kars
  • A Journey Through wal and fal: Women and Sexual Relations in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought | Heba Youssry
  • On Two Books Attributed to Ibn Arabi – Kitab al-mabadi wa l-ghayat li ma‘ani l-huruf and Kitab mahiyyat al-qalb | Claude Addas and Michel Chodkiewicz
  • Book Review: The Mystics of al-Andalus: Ibn Barrajān and Islamic Thought in the Twelfth Century


Volume 61, 2017

150 pages | paperback £9:00 (Members £6.00) + postage | PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB £9.00 (Members £6.00)

  • A Ghazal by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Abdul-Rahim Hassan
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī ’s Meeting with al-Mahdawī and his Discussion of the malāmiyya in Chapter 23 of the Futūḥāt | Salman Bashier
  • “Shining of the Lights and the Veil of the Sights in the Secrets Bright”: An Akbarī Approach to the Problem of Pure Consciousness | Oludamini Ogunnaike
  • Unexplored Concepts: Rahbāniyya as sagehood | Faris Abdel-hadi
  • The Centrality of Ibn ‘Arabī  in Popular adīth Chains | Samer Dajani
  • God, Human Essence and Freedom: Ibn ‘Arabī ’s Critique of Sartre | Hagar Houdaiby
  • Malik MS 4263: A Manuscript Case-study | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book Review: Ibn al-‘Arabī  and Islamic Intellectual Culture


Volume 60, 2016

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Denis McAuley
  • The Circle and the Square: Interpenetration of Heaven and Earth in the Andalusia of Ibn ‘Arabī | Jane Carroll
  • The Qur’anic Figure of Pharaoh according to the Interpretation of Ibn ‘Arabī | Denis Gril
  • Jesus and Enoch in the Barzkh of Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-‘Arabī: Role Playing and Myth Weaving in the Drama of Creation | Ali Hussain
  • In the Master’s Hand: A Preliminary Study of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Holographs and Autographs | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book Review: Practical Mysticism in Islam and Christianity


Volume 59, 2016

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume 58, 2015

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume 57, 2015

Paperback (Reprint) £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume 56, 2014

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage

  • A Poem from Ibn ‘Arabī’s Dīwān | translated by Denis McAuley
  • A Letter to Imām al-Rāzī | translated by Mohammed Rustom
  • Sa‘īd al-Dīn al-Farghānī’s Usage of the Term wahdat al-wujūd and His Role in School | Heike Stamer
  • Solace for the Self and the Other: Prayer in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought | Joud Alkorani
  • A Preliminary Investigation of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Influence Reflected in the Corpus of Ibrahim-i Gulsheni (d.1534) and the Halveti-Gulsheni Order of Dervishes in Egypt | Side Emre
  • Book Review: The Sufi Doctrine of Man: Sadr al-Dīn al-Qūnawī’s Metaphysical Anthropology


Volume 55, 2014

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Michael Sells
  • Understanding, and Translating, the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya | Eric Winkel
  • Mystical Perception and Beauty | Jane Clark
  • Short Poems from Ibn ‘Arabī’s Tarjumān al-Ashwāq | Michael Sells
  • Beyond the Intellect | Axel Marc Takács
  • A Bayrami Shaykh: Bahâeddinzâde Muḥyīddīn Mehmed Efendi and His “Treatise on the Unity of Existence” | Semih Ceyhan
  • Book Reviews: Free Will and Predestination in Islamic Thought; Logos and Revelation; Ibn al-‘Arabī and the Sufis


Volume 54, 2013

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume 53, 2013

Paperback £9.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume 52, 2012

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 51, 2012

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 50, 2011

Paperback (Reprint)  £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 49, 2011

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 48, 2010

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage

  • Poem: On Divine Counsel
  • The Anthropology of Compassion | William C. Chittick
  • The Mystic’s Ka’ba: the Cubic Wisdom of the Heart according to Ibn ‘Arabī | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Between Annihilation and Subsistence: Ibn al-‘Arabī’s God of Compassion versus Fundamentalist Nihilism | Salman Bashier
  • Ibn al-’Arabī : The Treasury of Absolute Mercy | Mohamed Haj Yousef
  • Contemporary Appeals of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought | James W. Morris
  • A Brief Sketch of a Guide for the Bewildered: Perplexity in the thought of al-Ghazali, Ibn ‘Arabī and the Modern Philosophy | Michael Zion Golan
  • The ‘alim as Public Intellectual: ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi as a Scholar-Activist – Steve Tamari


Volume 47, 2010

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage

  • Poem: The Voyage of Vision amongst the Signs
  • I in the Eye of God: Ibn ‘Arabī on the Divine Human Self | Jari Kaukua
  • Abandoning the Station (tark al-maqām) as Reflecting Ibn al-’Arabī’s Principle of Relativity | Binyamin Abrahamov
  • The Science of Letters in Ibn Masarra: Unified Word, Unified World | Pilar Garrido
  • “See Him in a tree, and see Him in a stone”: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Ultra-monorhyme in Comparative Perspective | Denis E. McAuley
  • A Bosnian Commentator on the Fusūs al-hikam | Rešid Hafizović
  • Created for Compassion: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Work on Dhūl-Nūn the Egyptian | Cecilia Twinch
  • Book Review: Beshara and Ibn ‘Arabī


Volume 46, 2009

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 45, 2009

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 44, 2008

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 43, 2008

Paperback £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume 42, 2007

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Ibn ‘Arabī’s Theory of Knowledge (Part Two) | Binyamin Abrahamov
  • “Whoever loses himself finds Me, and whoever finds me never loses Me again” | Suleyman Derin
  • “Know yourself” according to Qur’an and Sunna: Ibn ‘Arabī’s View | Ghasem Kakaie
  • Ibn ‘Arabī and Swedenborg: Proposals for a Figurative Philosophy | José Antonio Antón-Pacheco
  • Qur’ānic Wisdom, Prophetology and Ibn al-‘Arabī’s Fusūs al-hikam | Gerald Elmore
  • Book reviews: A prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection, Beauty and Love; Hüsn ü Aşk


Volume 41, 2007

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Ibn ‘Arabī ‘s Theory of Knowledge (Part One) | Binyamin Abrahamov
  • From the Temporal Time to the Eternal Now: Ibn al-‘Arabī and Mulla Sadra on Time | Ibrahim Kalin
  • There’s No Time Like The Present! | Alison Yiangou
  • The Time of Science and the Sufi Science of Time | Caner Dagli
  • Ibn ‘Arabī on Proximity and Distance: Chapters 260 and 261 of the Futūāt | Mohammed Rustom
  • Manuscripts of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Works: Names and Titles of Ibn [al-]’Arabî | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book reviews: The Nightingale in the Garden of Love; The Meccan Revelations [of] Ibn al-‘Arabī, vols I and II; Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam; Orientations


Volume XL, 2006

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXIX, 2006

Paperback (Reprint) £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume XXXVIII, 2005

Paperback (Reprint) £6.50 (Members £5.50) + postage


Volume XXXVII, 2005

Paperback (Reprint) £7.00 (Members £6.00) + postage

  • A Poem from the Futūāt al-Makkiyya
  • The Genesis of Man in Chapter Seven of the Futūāt al-Makkiyya | Gerald Elmore
  • The Unity of Existence between the Ontological and “Henological” in Ibn ‘Arabī | Mohamed Mesbahi
  • The Degrees of the Station of No-Station: Regarding the End of the Journey | Omar Benaissa
  • Journey through Desert, Journey towards God: The Use of Metaphors of Movement and Space in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Tarjumân al-Ashwâq | Jaakko Hameen-Anttila
  • Book Reviews: Der Weg der Liebe: Sufismus, die Mystik des Islam; Divine Sayings: The Mishkât al-Anwâr of Ibn ‘Arabī – 101 Hadîth Qudsî


Volume XXXVI, 2004

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXV, 2004

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXIV, 2003

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXIII, 2003

Paperback £5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXII, Autumn 2002

Paperback £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXXI, Spring 2002

Paperback £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XXX, Autumn 2001

Paperback (Reprint) £7.50 (Members £6.50) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn al-‘Arabī
  • Ibn ‘Arabī’s Messianic Secret: From “the Mahdi” to the Imamate of Every Soul | James Winston Morris
  • The Standpoint of Plato and Ibn ‘Arabī on Skepticism | Salman Bashier
  • Fulfilling our Potential: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Understanding of Man in a Contemporary Context | Jane Clark
  • God and the Perfect Man in the Experience of ‘Abd al-Qâdir al-Jaza’iri | Itzchak Weismann
  • A Summary of the Life of the Prophet by Ibn ‘Arabī and the Miracle of the Palm Tree of Seville | Pablo Beneito Arias
  • Book Reviews
  • The Seven Days of the Heart: Prayers for the days and nights of the week (Awrad al-usbu‘) | translated by Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Taste of Modernity: Sufism, Salafiyya and Arabism in Late Ottoman Damascus | Itzchak Weismann


Volume XXIX, 2001

Paperback (Reprint) £6.00 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume XXVIII, 2000

101 pages, paperback (Reprint) £ 7.00 (Members £6.00) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn al-‘Arabī
  • Introducing Ibn ‘Arabī’s “Book of Spiritual Advice” (PDF) | James Winston Morris
  • The Cosmology of Compassion or Macrocosm in the Microcosm | Layla Shamash
  • The Uwaysi Spirit of Autodidactic Sainthood as the “Breath of the Merciful” | Gerald Elmore
  • Saint John of the Cross and Ibn ‘Arabī: The Heart or Qalb as the Translucid and Ever-Changing Mirror of God | Luce López-Baralt
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews: Concerning the Knowledge of the Night of Power and its Timing; An Unknown Akbarian of the Thirteenth/Fourteenth Century; Le livre des contemplations divines; Le livre des théophanies d’Ibn Arabî


Volume XXVII, 2000

88 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn al-‘Arabī
  • Ibn ‘Arabī’s Treatise on the Knowledge of the Night of Power and Its Timing | Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Towards the Straight Path of God: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Conception of Soul | Chuzaimah Batubara
  • The Quranic Inspiration of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Vocabulary of Love: Etymological Links and Doctrinal Development | Maurice Gloton
  • All-Comprehensiveness According to Daud al-Qaysari, and Its Implications | Turan Koç
  • Society Notices: Mme Hatice Münevver Ayashli (1906–1999)
  • Book Reviews: Las Contemplaciones de los misterios; Commentaries on Meister Eckhart Sermons; Ibn ‘Arabī in the Later Islamic Tradition; The Unlimited Mercifier; El Secreto de los nombres de Dios; Le Livre des chatons des sagesses


Volume XXVI, 1999

123 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • A Couplet by Ibn ‘Arabī
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī’s Testament on the Mantle of Initiation (al-Khirqah) (PDF) | Gerald Elmore
  • Bulent and the Blue Fuū | Angela Culme-Seymour
  • A General Outline of the Influence of Ibn ‘Arabī on the Ottoman Era | Mustafa Tahrali
  • Did the Two Oceans Meet? | Omid Safi
  • The Diffusion of Akbarian Teaching in Iran during the 13th and 14th Centuries | Omar Benaïssa
  • The Ibn al-‘Arabī of the Ottomans: ‘Abdullah Ùalāhaddin al-‘Ushshāqi (1705–82) | Mahmud Erol Kiliç
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews


Volume XXV, 1999

103 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • Two Short Exhortations by Ibn al-‘Arabi
  • The Relevance of Retreat: A Reflection on the Religious Imagination | Rabia Terri Harris al-Jerrahi
  • Muḥyīddīn Ibn ‘Arabī: The Beauty of Oneness Witnessed in the Emptiness of the Heart | Cecilia Twinch
  • Ibn ‘Arabī and Modern Thought | Peter Coates
  • Ibn al-‘Arabī’s Book of the Fabulous Gryphon (Anqā al-Mughrib) | Gerald Elmore
  • Ibn ‘Arabī: Towards a Universal Point of View | Peter Young
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews: Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom
  • The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism
  • Essays on the Origins of the Technical Language of Islamic Mysticism


Volume XXIV, 1998

96 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • “The Kiss” – A Poem | translated by Gerald Elmore
  • On the Road to Santarem | Gerald Elmore
  • The Figure and Truth of Abraham in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Fuū al-Hikam | Ronald L. Nettler
  • The Presence of Superlative Compassion | Pablo Beneito


Volume XXIII, 1998

96 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage


Volume XXII, 1997

96 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • A Poem by Ibn ‘Arabī
  • Paradoxes of a Mausoleum |Ryad Atlagh
  • “The Hidden Secret Concerning the Tomb of Ibn ‘Arabī”: A Treatise by ‘Abd al-Ghani an-Nabulusi | translated by Paul B. Fenton
  • The Way of the Axial Intellect: The Islamic Hermeticism of Ibn Sab‘in | Vincent J. Cornell
  • Book Reviews: Creation and the Timeless Order of Things; Early Islamic Mysticism; Manzil al-manâzil al-fahwâniyah


Volume XXI, 1997 – “Praise”

102 pages, paperback £7.50 (Members £5.00) + postage

  • Introduction | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • “Day of the One”: A Presentation of Ibn ‘Arabī’s “Prayer for Sunday” | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Praise as a Means to Mystical Advancement according to Ibn ‘Arabī and Other Religious Traditions | Carl A. Keller
  • “There is no word in the world that does not indicate His praise” | Denis Gril
  • The Banner of Praise | Michel Chodkiewicz
  • Hamd al-hamd: The Paradox of Praise in Ibn al-‘Arabi’s Doctrine of Oneness | Gerald Elmore


Volume XX, 1996

95 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage


Volume XIX, 1996 – “The Journey of the Heart”

120 pages, paperback £7.50 (Members £5.00) + postage

  • Introduction | John Mercer
  • The Ship of Stone | Claude Addas
  • Stillness, Motion and the non-existence of the Traveller | Aaron Cass
  • “He moves you through the land and sea…” – Learning from the Earthly Journey | James Winston Morris
  • The Endless Voyage | Michel Chodkiewicz
  • The Flight of the Fabulous Gryphon | Gerald Elmore


Volume XVIII, 1995

74 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • A Poem from Chapter 38 of the Futūāt al-Makkiyya | translated by Stephen Hirtenstein
  • On the Divine Love of Beauty (PDF) | Pablo Beneito
  • The Way of Walāya (Sainthood or Friendship of God) | Souad Hakim
  • Between the Secret Chamber and the Well-trodden Path: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Exposition of the wajh al khāss | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • “At the Way Stations, Stay”: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Poem 18 (Qif bi l-Manāzil) from the Translation of Desires | translation and commentary by Michael Sells
  • Book Reviews


Volume XVII,1995

106 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XVI, 1994

90 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Three One-line Poems from the Diwān of Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Ralph Austin
  • Seeking God’s Face: Ibn ‘Arabī on Right Action and Theophanic Vision (Part 1) | James Winston Morris
  • The Wisdom of Divine Unity: Qur’anic Paradoxes and Inversions in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Gloss on Hud in the Fuū al-Hikam | Ronald L. Nettler
  • Lunar View, Air-glow Blue: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Conversations with the Prophet Adam | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Ibn ‘Arabī and the Perfectibility of Man | Elton Hall
  • Book Review: An Ocean Without Shore: Ibn ‘Arabī , The Book and the Law | Michel Chodkiewicz


Volume XV, 1994

72 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Three One-line Poems from the Diwān of Ibn ‘Arabī | translated by Ralph Austin
  • The Kitāb al-inbāh of ‘Abdallah Badr al-Habashi – An Account of the Spiritual Teaching of Muḥyīddīn Ibn ‘Arabī | introduced and translated by Denis Gril
  • The Paradox of the Duty of Perfection in the doctrine of Ibn ‘Arabī | Claude Addas
  • The Diwān of Ibn ‘Arabī | Roger Deladriëre
  • Book Reviews
  • Books Published in France since 1981 Dealing with the Life and Works of Ibn ‘Arabī
  • Index: Translations, Studies and Book Reviews Previously Published in the Journal


Volume XIV, 1993 – “Prayer and Contemplation”

68 pages, paperback £7.50 (Members £5.00) + postage


Volume XIII, 1993

85 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XII, 1992

78 Pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume XI, 1992

68 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage


Volume X, 1991

75 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Ibn ‘Arabī’s “Gentle Now, Doves of the Thornberry and Moringa Thicket”: the Eleventh Poem from the Tarjumān al-Ashwāq) | introduced and translated by Michael Sells
  • The Hierarchy of Saints in Jewish and Islamic Mysticism | Paul Fenton
  • Theophanies and Lights in the Thought of Ibn ‘Arabī | Osman Yahia
  • Reflections of Ibn Arabi in Early Naqshbandi Tradition | Hamid Algar
  • Book Review


Volume IX, 1991

75 pages, paperback (Reprint) £7.00 (Members £6.00) + postage


Volume VIII, 1989

89 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage


Volume VII, 1988

99 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage

  • Translation of two poems from the Diwān of Ibn ‘Arabī | Ralph Austin
  • Love and Knowledge according to some Islamic Philosophers | Frithiof Rundgren
  • Light Illumination of all Possibility | Robert Breinl
  • The Lady Nizam – an Image of Love and Knowledge | Ralph Austin
  • The Arising of the Indications of Self-Subsistence in the Heart | Avraham Abadi
  • Love and Knowledge | Elizabeth Roberts
  • To the Murcian Gnostic… | Seyyid Hussein Nasr
  • Book Reviews


Volume VI, 1987

73 pages, paperback £ 4.50 (Members £3.50) + postage


Volume V, 1986

76 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Wisdom and Wisdoms | Bulent Rauf
  • Aspects of Non-manifestation in the Modalities of Being |Avraham Abadi
  • Translation of What the Student Needs: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Ma la budda minhu lil-murid | Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi
  • Book Reviews


Volume IV, 1985

75 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Universality and Ibn ‘Arabī | Bulent Rauf
  • Translation of an Extract from the Preface to the Futūāt | Layla Shamash and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Universal and Divine Sainthood | Stephen Hirtenstein
  • The Rainbow Crystal | Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • Book Reviews
  • Ibn ‘Arabī : A Handlist of Printed Materials: Part 2 | Martin Notcutt


Volume III, 1984

66 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • First Annual Symposium of the Ibn ‘Arabī Society | Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • Meditations on the Vocabulary of Love and Union in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought | Ralph Austin
  • Union and Ibn ‘Arabī | Bulent Rauf
  • Translation of Sufi Terminology: Ibn ‘Arabī’s al-Istilāh al-ūfiyyah | Rabia Terri Harris
  • Ibn ‘Arabī : A Handlist of Printed Materials: Part 1 | Martin Notcutt


Volume II, 1984

100 pages, paperback (reprint) £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage

  • Between the Yea and the Nay | Peter Young
  • The Feminine Dimension in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought | Ralph Austin
  • Translation of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Book of Alif (or: Book of Unity) | Avraham Abadi
  • The Chapter Headings of the Fuū | William Chittick
  • Book Reviews


Volume I, 1982

96 pages, paperback (reprint), £ 5.50 (Members £4.50) + postage