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Current Status

Volume 1 (Books 1 & 2 of the final 37) was published in hardback (696 pages) by Pir Press in March 2019. Volume 1 has an introduction “for the uninitiated”. You will probably see immediately why people have spent decades reading Ibn al-ʿArabī and are still not sated but thirst for more!

Volume 2 (Books 3 & 4) was published by Pir Press in 2020.

Volume 3 (Books 5 & 6) was published in 2021.

Volume 4 (Books 7 & 8) was published in December 2021 and is available at Pir Press [/].

Volume 5 (Books 9 & 10) is currently being final-edited and typeset.

Volumes 6 (Books 11 & 12) and 7 (Books 13 & 14) are pre-print drafts now being revised by Dr. Winkel in preparation for final editing.

Sample Chapters

Sample chapters from Volumes 1, 2 and 3 which contain the same typesetting as the published hardback volumes, can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Chapter 8 (Volume 1): On maʿrifah of the Earth, which was created from the leftover fermented clay of Adam. She is called a True Earth. And the story of some of the strange and wondrous things in her.

Chapter 41 (Volume 2): On maʿrifah of the people of the night and their different degrees and their distinctions in their step-levels, and mysteries of their Pivots.

Chapter 68 (Volume 3): On maʿrifah of mysteries of purity. This is an extract from the chapter, pp 55-77.