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Contributing to the Society Journal

Notes for Authors

The Society’s Journal features articles relating to the study of the works and ideals of Ibn ʿArabī and his followers. Published twice a year, contributions are warmly invited. Review and publication of an article will be helped if it is submitted in accordance with the following guidelines.

  • It should be in English and in its final form.
  • It should not exceed 7,000 words.
  • It must be in a format that can be opened in Microsoft Word, and accompanied by a pdf.
  • Arabic, Turkish and Persian transliteration should conform with normal English practice; further details can be supplied if required.
  • It should be accompanied by a biographical note of no more than 60 words.
  • Please email your submission to, or post it to PO Box 892, Oxford OX2 7XL, UK, addressed for the attention of the Editor-in-Chief.
  • The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject submissions not meeting the Journal’s standards or other requirements. All articles are subject to peer review by two independent scholars. Revisions should be made in consultation with the Editor. Longer articles may be published in one or more volumes.


Authors will be sent a pdf proof of their article prior to publication. To avoid delays, this should be checked immediately for typographical errors and returned as soon as possible. Any substantial changes at this stage may be rejected.

Complimentary Copies

Each contributor will receive a pdf of the final version of their article and two complimentary copies of the Journal in which it appears.