MIAS education: Intensive Introductory Course

Meeting Ibn Arabi: His Life and Teaching



MIAS Education Team is offering this course as a guided group exploration into Ibn Arabi´ s life and teachings, based on the book by Claude Addas, The Voyage of No Return. The course is open to all and is designed especially for those less familiar with Ibn Arabi. You might be considering joining one of our Voyage courses and would like to ‘meet’ Ibn Arabi as a preparation. We also welcome those already acquainted with Ibn Arabi’s work and wish to know more about his life and the context within which he lived, traveled, and wrote.

Content and Method

The book consists of twelve fairly short chapters. Participants will be required to read the material before the session and to note any questions they have. During the sessions, we will discuss any questions and clarify concepts and terminology. Additional excerpts from other works may enrich our understanding during the sessions. We invite you to share any inspiration or thoughts about the text. This course is not composed of lectures and it is not an academic study. Rather, it is an interactive group discussion and a personal engagement with Ibn Arabi. We hope that it thereby serves as a small taster for the Voyage courses.
The course will consist of two sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday. Each session will last 1.5 hours, with a half-hour break, giving a total of six hours.

Dates: Saturday, February 3rd – Sunday, February 4th 2024
Times: 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm GMT with a half-hour break
There will be a couple of short breaks in each session
Cost: £11.55 (free for full time students)

The book can be bought here: https://its.org.uk/catalogue/ibn-arabi-the-voyage-of-no-return-paperback/
or from Amazon:

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