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“With which eye do I see Him”

Exploring imagination in The Meccan Openings

Ocean Sailing Ship

Course length

10 weeks

Weekly study

90 minutes

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Course overview

In this course we will explore the key aspects of Ibn Arabi’s creative imagination (khayal) and the relation between such a concept and the barzakh (isthmus or intermediate world).

Course learning aims & outcomes

1. Identify the key aspects of Ibn Arabi’s imagination (khayal). 

2. Develop a familiarity with Ibn Arabi’s central concepts such as vision and the barzakh

3. Explore personal creativity and its relationship to spirituality. 

Upon completion of this course, you can achieve any of the possible outcomes below:

Course learning aims


The notion of imagination occupies a significant position in Ibn Arabi’s teachings since the divine imagination constitutes the very force that inspired the Great Master’s works.

In this course, we invite you to dive into Ibn Arabi’s world of imagination. You will also have the opportunity to connect your appreciation of Ibn Arabi’s text with your own creative expression such as poetry, writing, storytelling, drawing, painting and music etc.

Instructional strategies

Instructional strategies include mini-lectures, shared reading, creative forms of expression and group discussions.