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Explanation: Important look at the Society email addresses

The email system we know and use emerged in the mid-1960s and 1970s. It was not built with security in mind, and is now abused by many sources, sometimes in an irritating way, sometimes very dangerously. Google and Yahoo are introducing a new requirement on email senders which will greatly improve the ability of email handling services to determine whether an email claiming to be sent by the Society, for example, actually comes from a Society email address.

Campaign Monitor, the company we make use of to send messages to groups of people about things such as online events and subscription renewals, will not work for us if we do not comply with these requirements. Doing this is part of maintaining and improving the deliverability of our messages.


Actions: Please do these two things promptly

1. Send an email from the Society email address by which you arrived at this page to Put your name in the Subject line, and something to indicate how it was sent e.g. “Martin Collins – Ionos webmail”. If you sometimes use webmail to send messages, and sometimes an email client like Outlook, please send messages by both methods.

2. Complete the form below and submit it.