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Education Guest Courses

During the year a number of opportunities come up for courses to be run by guests, sometimes at short notice, as they must fit in with fluctuating timetables.

These were run in the last year

18th February – 11th March 2023 Online Course

“Opening the Shells of the Two Sapphires”

With Eric Winkel



These are courses which concentrate on study of essential texts and connect the voyagers to their core – providing a framework (or map) for their onward journeys.


26th May – 15th September 2022 Online Course

Connections 1: Sufism & Taoism by Toshihiko Izutsu


July and August 2023

Connections 2: Chapters from the Fusus

Moses with Jane Clark
Jesus with Cecilia Twinch
Muhammad with Jane Clark & Cecilia Twinch

And …