Poetry of Ibn Arabi from the Diwān

Selected Poems from Ibn ‘Arabi’s Diwān

The reason which has led me to utter (talaffuz) poetry is that I saw in a dream an angel who was bringing me a piece of white light; as if it were a piece of the sun’s light. “What is that?”, I asked. “It is sura al-shu’arā‘” (the sura of the Poets) was the reply.


A selection of poems from Ibn ‘Arabi’s Diwān, taken from the critical edition by ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Sulṭān al-Manṣūb. This was published in 2021 by Ninawa publishing house in five volumes, a total of 2,676 pages. For more details of this publication, please click here [/].

Poems in May 2022

Translated by Eric Winkel

Each poem is recited in Arabic by Jana El Rifaii.

Uploaded May 2022.

Four Poems from “Wearing the Cloak of Honor”

Translated by Eric Winkel

“Wearing the Cloak of Honor” (Libs al-khirqah, The clothing of the khirqah) is a section of about 30 poems in the the Dīwān of Ibn al-ʿArabī.

Each poem is recited in Arabic by Jana El Rifaii. Where a transliteration is provided, like “subtitles” it may help those not familiar with Arabic hear the recitation better.

Uploaded November 2021.