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The Symposium

Each year the Society organizes Symposia in the UK and the USA on an aspect of Ibn 'Arabi's work.

These international gatherings bring together people from many different fields and traditions, and include scholars, students, and anyone interested in what Ibn 'Arabi has to say. These events provide a unique opportunity for both speakers and listeners, specialists and non-specialists, to enrich their understanding of Ibn ‘Arabi’s teachings and their relevance today. The Society also encourages public seminars and lectures and can provide speakers on request.

Other events

Ibn ‘Arabi Study Day

London, May 25th, 2019

Organised by the Beshara Trust in London, this seminar will be reading the Chapter on “The Wisdom of Beneficence in The Word of Loqman” from Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus al-Hikam. No previous knowledge of Arabi’s writings is needed. The seminar is designed both for those new to his work and for long-term students.

It will be held from 11am – 5pm on Saturday 25th May at the October Gallery. For more information see Evenbrite

Current Perspectives on Ibn ʿArabī and “Akbarī” Thought

UC Louvain, Belgium, June 24th-25th, 2019

The aim of this meeting is to bring together confirmed and emerging specialists in order to gain some perspective on the current academic research on Ibn ʿArabī and “Akbarī” thought and to discuss research directions for the future. The keynote speakers are Claude Addas, Denis Gril and James W. Morris. For further information see

Ibn ‘Arabī and His Interpreters

Studies in Sufism Summer School, Sarajevo, 2019

Sarajevo, August 26th - 31st, 2019

A week-long Studies in Sufism Summer School organized by the association Perennia Verba (Parma, Italy) will be hosted by the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The working language of the Summer School will be English. Speakers include Pablo Beneito (University of Murcia, ES), Caner Dagli (College of the Holy Cross, USA), Demetrio Giordani (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, IT), Stephen Hirtenstein (Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK), Enes Karić (University of Sarajevo, BiH), Federico Salvaggio (University of Udine, IT), Paolo Urizzi (Perennia Verba Association, IT), and Ahmed Zildžić (University of Sarajevo, BiH).

Details of the programme and registration are in the flyer, which can be dowloaded by clicking on the image.

Andalusia 2019

October 3rd - 17th, 2019

Anqa Publishing has announced that its next study tour of Andalusia will be taking place in October 2019.

The itinerary follows in the footsteps of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi, starting in Murcia, Ibn 'Arabi's birthplace almost 850 years ago, with a 2-day seminar. It then crosses Andalusia visiting all the major centres of Islamic Spain, including Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and Almeria, as well as less-known places where the breath of al-Andalus can still be felt and experienced. The tour concludes in Seville, the town where he spent most of his early adult life.

The tour is led by two senior research fellows of the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society, Stephen Hirtenstein (author of The Unlimited Mercifier) and Jane Carroll (a practising architect and specialist on Islamic geometry).

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